Clipper Bulk Establishes New Logger Pool

Clipper Bulk has established a new commercial pool for modern bulk carriers fitted for logs trading. The new pool will commence operation in August with 10 vessels initially scheduled to deliver in the first year. All of the vessels range in size from 28-33,000 mts deadweight.

Clipper Bulk Establishes New Logger Pool

“While new, the Clipper Logger Pool is in many ways a continuation of the former Lasco Logger Pool, which we managed successfully since 2004,” says Gary Vogel, Partner and CEO in Clipper Group. “We are strong advocates of pooling, not only from a manager’s perspective, but from that of an owner; as we directly reap the benefits of efficiencies and economies of scale alongside the other pool members.”

The initial members of the Clipper Logger Pool are Clipper Bulk and Baltic Trading Limited, with one additional owner having committed vessels to the venture, to date. In addition to the Clipper Logger Pool, Clipper presently manages two other pools in the dry bulk segment; the “Trader Pool”, which has 16 modern 30,000 mts deadweight handysize sister vessels, and the “Emerald Pool” with 10 modern 34-38,000 mts deadweight grabs-fitted vessels.

In total, Clipper’s dry bulk fleet numbers approximately 90 vessels.

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